Video Shows Danville, Calif., Cop Shooting Mentally Ill Homeless Man, His 2nd Killing in 2 1/2 Years

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Video of a homeless man with a history of mental illness being shot and killed by a Contra Costa Sheriff’s deputy March 11 has just been released to the public, and the victim’s family wants answers, according to the Mercury News.


The video, which was recorded by an eyewitness sitting in his car, shows the deputy, Andrew Hall, shooting and killing 32-year-old Tyrell Wilson at close range in the California town of Danville. It appears Wilson is taking a step back in the video and Hall is stepping forward to shoot him. The sheriff’s office claims Wilson was throwing rocks at cars and drew a knife when Hall confronted him.

Civil rights attorney John Burris, who is representing Wilson’s family, called the shooting a “cold murder” and that 25 minutes went by before anyone attempted to provide medical aid to Wilson. Burris also contends that Hall pulled out a knife.

According to KTVU Fox 2, Burris, has three witnesses who claim that Wilson did not threaten the officer.

This isn’t the first time Hall killed someone. In 2018, he shot and killed 33-year-old Laudemer Arboleda, who also suffered from mental illness, during a slow-speed police chase in Danville, KTVU reports.

Here is what happened in that shooting, per the Mercury News:

In that incident, video shows Hall stopping his car, exiting, and running around the other side of a sedan driven by Arboleda. Hall then backpedals, firing his pistol as he does so, then continues to shoot as the car travels past him. He later testified at an inquest hearing he was afraid Arboleda would run him over. An internal probe by the sheriff’s office cleared Hall, but the District Attorney is still investigating the matter.


Burris also represents Arboleda’s family.

“That shooting was so outrageous that we wrote a letter to the Contra Costa District Attorney asking them to criminally [prosecute] Hall,” Burris said in a news release about Arboleda’s killing. “They didn’t, and now he has killed another innocent man. Enough is enough. This officer is a menace.”

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Arboleda’s shooting death sounds like bullshit. Especially since he was driving slow enough for the cop to literally jog around the car. Wilson’s will be harder since he pulled a knife. Even if he didn’t threaten him Hall will just go with the “I was scurred for mah life” defense that these serial killer cops always get away with.