VIDEO: 'S--t White Girls Say to Black Girls'

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VIDEO: "S—t White Girls Say to Black Girls": First there was "Sh—t Girls Say," and then "S—t Black Girls Say," and now we have this one, complete with well-intentioned questions about hair, plentiful use of "That's ghetto" and a good old, "I have a tan — I'm almost as dark as you now!" comment.  If you were offended by what some saw as the "negative stereotypical images" of black women in the previous video, do you see this as a satisfying response — or do two comedic "wrongs" not make a right? By the way, we realize some of you are laughing too hard to respond, and we'd be lying if we said we weren't dying to see what's next from the team that put these spoofs together.


Al Sharpton becomes a vegetarian: It's not just about health. "You can't address our issues and demand social justices when you are a prisoner in your own body, and you can't have a reckless social life when you are looking for social justice," Sharpton has said about the lifestyle change. "How do you pastor when they are in the church cafeteria frying. We can’t preach community control when we aren't practicing self-control."

Black church takes over KKK shop: A circuit court judge recently ruled that New Beginnings Baptist Church is the rightful property owner of the Redneck Shop, which operates as a so-called Klan museum, selling robes and T-shirts with racial slurs, BET News reports. We're guessing they might do something else with the real estate.

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