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VIDEO: 'S--t Natural Hair Girls Say'

When it comes to the meme sparked by 'S—t Girls Say," scarcely any group, no matter how narrowly defined, has escaped unscathed (or un-teased). The original video's creators and imitators have added their comedic assessments of black girls, white girls talking to black girls, girls with gay male friends, Sri Lankan and Nigerian parents, and even Asian grandmothers of black children.

It's no surprise that while some people are laughing hysterically, others think the entire thing is sexist and racist and should end.


The latest addition, "S—t Natural Hair Girls Say," is on YouTube today. Like some of its predecessors, the production combines satire and silliness with a hint of social commentary. The number of black women with natural hair shot up last year, so there should be plenty of people ready to weigh in on whether this iteration of the trend that has either entertained or offended just about everyone in the country is a hit or a miss.

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