Screenshot of officers restraining Luis Rodriguez 

Cellphone video has been released showing five Moore, Okla., police officers restraining Luis Rodriguez, an Oklahoma man who later died in custody, the Associated Press reports.

The six-minute footage—which shows officers holding Rodriguez facedown on the ground, with one officer holding his head down—was acquired from the phone of Nair Rodriguez, his wife, who started to scream when they tried to place her husband on a stretcher.


"Papa! Is he OK? He doesn't move. He doesn't move! You kill him! You kill him! You killed my husband! Please, somebody tell me that he's alive!" she can be heard screaming in the video, according to AP. A police officer tells Nair that medics would take care of him and that he was still alive.

Police spokesman Jeremy Lewis said on Tuesday that Luis died at a hospital, pointing out that ambulances do not transport people who have already died.

Early in the morning of Feb. 15, the Rodriguez family claimed that the mother and daughter had gotten into an altercation, which Luis tried to defuse. Police responded to the disturbance and tried to question the patriarch, demanding ID, the family said, before beginning to take him down. Nair has said that her husband died outside the theater, but according to the AP, police Chief Jerry Stillings said the video shows no signs of batons or other weapons being used.

Three of the officers involved have been put on administrative leave. However, before the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation took over the investigation last week—seeking to determine whether Luis was dead by the time the ambulance reached the hospital, among other things—Stillings said that police had reviewed and made a copy of the video. He noted that he did not see anything inappropriate.

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