Oklahoma Police Allegedly Beat Man to Death in Front of Family

The Rodriguez family

Three Moore, Okla., police officers are on administrative leave in the midst of an investigation surrounding an in-custody death on Saturday, when a man was allegedly beaten to death by officers, News 9 reports.

According to the station, Nair Rodriguez had gotten into a fight with her daughter, Lunahi, outside of a movie theater at about midnight. The mother slapped her daughter before walking away. When her husband, Luis Rodriguez, ran after her to try and quell the argument, officers confronted the man, demanding identification.


According to Lunahi, the five officers began beating her father in front of her in the parking lot.

"When they flipped him over you could see all the blood on his face, it was, he was disfigured, you couldn't recognize him," the young girl told the station.

Nair, who allegedly recorded the incident on her camera phone, knew her husband was dead.

"I saw him. His [motionless] body when people carry it to the stretcher," she said. "I knew that he was dead.

"I told them I hit her and he was just trying to reach me. Why didn't they arrest me?" Nair added.


"My mom was taking a video and asking, 'What are they doing this for? Why?' And they didn't give really an explanation," Lunahi said.

After the incident, police took away Nair’s phone that had the recording, but there was audio from the scene that another family member recorded.


The family told the news station that they were going to hire an attorney.

Read more at News 9.

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