VIDEO: Philadelphia Teen Being Bullied Caught on Tape


The Internet is buzzing with reports that a 13-year-old Philadelphia boy was kidnapped and tortured by fellow classmates. Police in the Philadelphia suburb of Upper Darby say seven teenagers have been arrested in connection with an assault in which the teen was attacked and kidnapped, apparently at random, and hung first from a fence post and then upside down from a tree, according to CBS affiliate KYW. Police say the assailants taped the incident on their cell phones and taunted the boy with it at school, threatening to hurt him again if he told anyone.

Upper Darby Township Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood says the students were arrested Monday for the assault, which happened in the parking lot of an apartment complex on Jan. 11. They were marched out of the school wearing handcuffs at Upper Darby High School early Monday. Chitwood says the students arrested are ages 16 and 17. Police said the victim, who attends the community's Beverly Hills Middle School, was impaled on a fence post, then hung upside down from a tree until he fell. He went home and 911 was called, reported KYW. The incident is said to have lasted 20 minutes. The boy did not sustain any physical injures but is said to be mentally anguished.


What is even more disgusting than the bullying is that these older teen black boys thought it would be fun to prey on a younger black boy, who could have used their friendship and guidance instead, if they had a conscience or common sense. Did we mention that adults walked by, ignoring the assault? Terrorizing someone in Upper Darby? The point of living in Upper Darby is not to have to deal with the foolishness in other parts of Philadelphia. We wonder how tough these "thugs" would be in north or southwest Philly. A sad incident indeed.

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