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Video: Nas says Paltrow's a "real n—ga": "I would slap the s—- out of somebody for Gwyneth Paltrow," Nas told CBS Local exclusively. "She's the homie, she's cool. Gwyneth gets a pass." He added, "Some of us will get angrier about it than others, but some people get a pass. The people that I know who are cool and real n—gas, Gwyneth Paltrow is a real n—ga, that's my homie. That's how I'm on it. Some people get a pass." Watch it at Global Grind.

Robin Roberts' next challenge: myelodysplastic syndrome: The Good Morning America host is facing a new health challenge, something called myelodysplastic syndrome, or MDS. This is a rare blood disorder that affects the bone marrow and usually arises on its own, ABC News explains. However, on occasion it can occur as a result of cancer treatment, as it did as a result of Roberts' successful breast-cancer treatment.


Africans and Israel: "Black in the white man's country": Check out the story of this uniquely situated group at BET.

Lauryn Hill responds to tax-evasion charge: On Thursday TMZ reported that Hill failed to file her federal taxes from 2005, 2006 and 2007; she earned more than $1.8 million during that time. The five-time Grammy Award winner could face up to one year in prison for each count and $300,000 in fines. In her defense, Hill says that in those three years, she removed herself and her family from society “in order to keep them safe, healthy and free from danger." Read her full statement at Uptown.