Since details of Penn State's horrific child-rape scandal emerged in a grand jury report released earlier this week, few of the known participants have submitted themselves to an interview with the press. That changed this morning when Good Morning America anchor George Stephanopoulos sat down with the mother of an alleged victim, identified in the report as "victim number one." With her voice and image altered to protect her identity, the mother explained how her son came to reveal the reprehensible allegations at the center of this story.

Source: Mediaite.

Although it goes without saying that the allegations are horrific regardless of the race of the children, a certain level of curiosity has developed about whether the alleged victims in this case — boys participating in the Second Mile Mentor program for underprivileged kids — were African American, with some asserting that they were.

If that turns out to be true (the race of the mother of the victim in this video isn't clear), it will undoubtedly add one more level of analysis to this already disturbing story. Many are already wondering, with good reason, if the identities and circumstances of the kids involved contributed to the allegations not being taken seriously.

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