Video: Maryland Bank-Robbery Suspect Slips on Ice During Botched Escape

Fresh from our "Dumb Criminals" file, the Washington Post is reporting that a man was fatally shot by police Friday morning after he attempted to rob a Capital One bank in Takoma Park, Md., authorities said. Three people were also injured. The man, who was trying to escape with a hostage, slipped on ice, dropping the bag and allowing the hostage to escape. The man attempted to run after the hostage and was shot and killed by police.

Video of the botched escape has been circulating on the Web because of the foolishness of it all. It appears that the bank robbery suspect did not have a plan: The dye pack exploded, he took a hostage and ran toward police, slipped and fell on ice, and then tried to pursue the hostage instead of surrendering. Not smart at all. Memo to wannabe bank robbers: a) Don't rob banks in bad weather; b) have a plan; c) run in the opposite direction of the police; and d) if you're surrounded by police, surrender.


Read more at the Washington Post.

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 Watch video of the botched robbery below:

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