Video: DC Metro Officers Tase Man Because He Looked Like He Wanted to Fight Cops

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Screenshot: Chemere Jones (Facebook)

A video of a Washington, D.C., Metro police officer tasing a man who was simply asking questions about the detention of two juveniles has sparked outrage and anger among residents and activists. But no one was “shocked” by the incident...unless you count the man who was subjected to D.C. Metro cops’ impromptu electroshock therapy because he looked like he was eventually going to try to fight the police.


According to NBC Washington and Metro Transit Police Police Department, transit cops responded to a call at the U Street/African-American Civil War Memorial/Cardozo station after they received a call about two juveniles threatening riders with either fireworks or sticks. When law enforcement officers arrived, they detained two African American boys while a group of people gathered around the handcuffed teens to advocate for them.

“I just want to make sure y’all alright,” says Che’mere Jones, who posted the video to her Facebook page. “What I don’t want is one of these colonizers to get on y’all about some shit. Because I don’t wanna have to go off and I ain’t got my nails done.”

The footage shows a man appearing to question two white officers about the boys’ detention when a third officer in a K-9 vest steps into the frame and shoves the man. Within seconds, Lieutenant White Lightning pulls out his taser and fires it at the unarmed man. A second officer joins in and wrestles the man to the ground before deploying the Taser at least one more time as the man, now on the ground, crawls away on his back while raising his hands in traditional African-American sign language, which translates as: “I’m not even fucking with you, sir.”

In a statement, the Metro Transit Police Department explained that the incident report says the stunning officer deployed the CEW (Conducted Energy Weapon) because the unidentified child advocate interfered with the investigation and looked as if he was getting ready to fight the cop.


To be clear, the cops didn’t say they subjected the man to low-voltage electrocution because he was fighting. They didn’t even say he was going to fight; only that he “exhibited behavior consistent with preparing to fight the officer.”

The juveniles were released after no witnesses verified their identities to the cops, but the man who was advocating for the boys was arrested. MTPD notes that neither the officer nor the electrified man was injured.


I’m sure that the report is accurate.

Authorities say that they have opened an investigation “based on concerns raised on social media regarding the officer’s handling of the interaction.” They have assured the public that they will “review all available facts and evidence, including witness statements and video posted on social media.” Apparently, the Metro Transit Police Department was not at all concerned about the brutal arrest. It was the social media outcry that did it.


Officer Edward Taserhands, who exhibited behavior consistent with preparing to be a racist police officer who doesn’t give a fuck about black lives, remains on duty.

Shocking, isn’t it?

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It appears that the only person who actually fought was the cop who shoved him. If not for the fact that he had his department issued Conducted Energy Weapon it might have gone something like this... 

The man looked like he was ready to fight and thinking that he also “looked like” he might also have a firearm I drew my department issued firearm and shot him.