D.C. police slam wheelchair-bound man to the ground. (NewsOne)

Can you say "police brutality"? NewsOne is reporting that video of D.C. police pulling a wheelchair-bound man out of his chair and slamming him to the ground has surfaced. The incident, which reportedly happened over the weekend, was caught on tape by a passerby.

The videotape shows police officers grabbing the wheelchair-bound man, pulling him out of his chair, slamming him on the ground and hovering above the motionless man after handcuffing him. As the passerby walks past the victim, you can see blood running from the victim's head onto the ground. You can hear bystanders questioning the police; one who obviously knows the man grows increasingly angry. Police ask people to move on because they're getting loud — i.e., drawing attention to the ordeal.

What in the world would make two grown, able-bodied men think that they need to handle a physically challenged man — who is in a wheelchair, no less — that way? That is the epitome of bullying and abuse. There is no way that the victim, who also appears to be older, could have been a threat to anyone, particularly these two police officers, who are clearly in great shape. Regardless of what he may have done, there is no need to treat a person, especially someone who cannot defend himself, in such a way.

Before the police yanked the victim out of the wheelchair, he appeared to be sitting there, not doing much of anything. This is outrageous and unacceptable. We'll be interested in seeing if and how Mayor Vincent Gray responds to this matter.

Read more at NewsOne. Check out the video of the incident below.

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