Yesterday, CNN's Don Lemon asked his guests whether the former name of the presidential hopeful's camp means the end of his candidacy. The conclusion seems to be that Perry just might find himself on vacation at "Niggerhead' permanently:

L.Z. Granderson, who is considered by many to have a left-of-center point of view, did not demur in his assessment, saying that this was a "huge" problem before openly wondering how Rick Perry could theoretically stand across a stage from Barack Obama with this story hanging over his head. On the other hand, Will Cain, who self-identifies as conservative, refused to opine how this story might resolve itself until all of the facts came in. He did agree, however, that this word is so powerful that, if [the story is] true, it would be hard to imagine how anyone's political career could recover.


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In other news: Thousands Attend Troy Davis Funeral in Georgia.


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