Video Appears to Show Alva Braziel With His Hands Up Prior to Being Shot by Police

Alva Braziel
Alva Braziel

Alva Braziel was shot and killed by police in Texas early Saturday morning.

Houston police said Braziel was waving a gun when they approached him. Authorities said the officers gave multiple commands for him to drop the weapon, but Braziel, they said, pointed his gun at officers, prompting them to discharge their weapons, ultimately killing Braziel.


Now, however, ThinkProgress reports, new video that began to make rounds on social media Saturday night appears to show exactly the opposite.

In the video, Braziel can be seen walking toward an intersection when a squad car pulls up in front of him. Braziel appears to put his hands up into the air and turn around to face the police car, standing still for a second, before he falls back straight to the ground after being shot.

As Think Progress notes, both officers were reportedly wearing their body cameras at the time of the incident, but that footage has not yet been released.

Braziel's shooting death follows the fatal police-shooting deaths of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, La., and Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, Minn, which triggered nationwide protests that resulted in hundreds being arrested.

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