VIDEO: 4-Year-Old Served Alcohol at a Chicago Chili's


As a parent, dealing with rebellious teens and drinking might not be unusual, but seeing your 4-year-old daughter intoxicated definitely is.

Unfortunately, that was exactly the case for Tyree Davis Sunday night, when her 4-year-old daughter Brooklynn was served a mudslide –- made with vodka, Kahlua and Bailey's Irish Cream — instead of a chocolate milkshake at a Chicago Chili's.

According to Davis, the young girl took about four sips before she told her, "This tastes funny." Davis said she then tasted the drink and knew immediately that there was alcohol inside. At the same time, the waitress, who restaurant reps say was new and didn't know the difference between milkshake glasses and glasses for alcoholic beverages, came over with the correct order and admitted that she had made a mistake. It was too late — Davis rushed her daughter to the hospital, where she was treated for an acute alcohol overdose.

"She was intoxicated," Tyree told Chicago's WGN TV. "She was closing her eyes for minutes at a time; she said her stomach hurt and her head hurt and she just wanted to lie down. Once we got to the hospital, she was haywired and wouldn't stop moving."


This incident happened just days after a 15-month-old child was served tequila instead of apple juice at a Detroit Applebee's. The child was found to have an alcohol level of 0.10. Days later, a woman came forward to say that her 2-year-old son was accidentally served sangria — in a kiddie cup, for that matter — at a Florida Olive Garden.

If we've learned anything, we know not to take our little ones to chain restaurants. And if we do, we'll just order our kids water and pray it's not a vodka.

Read more at WGN TV.

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