"Wild Things"

Leave it to the fashion world that is supposed to be so cutting edge and different to relegate dark-skinned models to the jungle. We're talking about the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which is the most watched runway show in the world. ColorLines' Jorge Rivas was miffed that the show's producers put the bulk of the dark-skinned models into the "Wild Things" segment of the show, which of course had a jungle theme. We suppose that viewers of color were supposed to be assuaged by Brazilian Adriana Lima getting the opportunity to wear the $2 million bra, but we're not.

We're not surprised that the fashion industry continues to rest on dominant stereotypes of blackness, either. Instead of ingenuity, or actually coming up with something unique or — clutch the pearls — creative, we get the same old thing. You can't get blood from a turnip or respect from an industry that has built itself upon the appropriation of black culture while disparaging black people in the process. We know — it's just fashion, but still …

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