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Venus Williams' Bedazzled Pink Outfit Draws Negative Attention

Venus Williams' fashion faux pas
Venus Williams' fashion faux pas

Venus Williams has once again managed to have more discussion about her tacky choice of clothing than about her performance. Why? Because she was wearing this bedazzled pink "tennis dress" that looked more like a long T-shirt. Did I mention that the back had cutouts? The dress kept rolling up and exposing her undergarments during the entire match. Williams tugged at the dress constantly, causing commentators John McEnroe and Dick Enberg to address the issue, suggesting that it was a hindrance. She tugged on it so much that the network started a tug count, which was at 42 by the end of the match. Williams feigned ignorance when asked about it at the press conference. Surprised? Let's just get it all out in the open: The Williams sisters are not fashionistas. They could be, with all of the money they have — and a stylist — but the fashion choices that they make on and off the court are mostly absurd and reflect that tacky L.A. fashion aesthetic: half hoochie and half swap meet. Yes, I said it, and I mean it. No, not everyone dresses like that in L.A., but some do. Venus is one of them. Other than outright bias, perhaps people don't treat Venus and her sister, Serena, like the champions and brilliant tennis players they are because they don't represent themselves as such — hence the rocking of a bedazzled long T-shirt that rolls up at the U.S. Open. Appearances shouldn't matter, but they do. Venus should stop playing herself and her legacy and just play the game.


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