One of the officers responsible for the shooting death of 20-year-old Willie McCoy in Vallejo was involved in another deadly shooting in February of 2018, according to NBC News.

Collin Eaton, Bryan Glick, Jordon Patzer, Anthony Romero-Cano, Mark Thompson and Ryan McMahon were identified as the officers involved in McCoy’s death.


McCoy, who rapped under the stage name Willie Bo, fell asleep in a Taco Bell parking lot before a staff member called police. Officers surrounded the car, shouting commands to which McCoy failed to respond. While positioning squad cars on both sides of the idle vehicle, McCoy, who had a gun on his lap according to police, woke up and lowered his hands toward his lap. McCoy was pronounced dead at the scene.

McMahon was involved in a fatal incident on February 13th, 2018, when he shot 32-year-old Ronell Foster, a father of two, in the back of the head. McMahon had responded to a domestic dispute call and spotted Foster riding his bicycle. Police allege that Foster and McMahon began a violent struggle after a brief chase. After police claim McMahon’s taser was ineffective, that police claim Foster removed and brandished McMahon’s flashlight, “presenting it in a threatening manner,” according to authorities. McMahon then shot Foster several times in the back and back of the head, according to a civil suit filed against Vallejo and the Vallejo Police Department.


Eyewitnesses reports maintain that Foster was unarmed before McMahon killed him. Oakland civil rights attorney John Burris, who is representing McCoy’s family, has demanded the release of body cam footage in Foster’s shooting.

“There’s a seeming failure to hold officers accountable,” Burris said, “and it creates this environment that regardless of what you do and how you do it, you won’t be disciplined.”

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