Utah Man Impersonated Officer, Threatened to Kill 2 Men Believed to be in the Country Illegally: Report

Photo: Utah County Jail

A Utah man was arrested on Sunday after he allegedly impersonated an officer and then threatened to kill two men whom he accused of living in the country illegally.

According to Utah’s Deseret News, a man identified only as Carlos told police that he and his friend Daniel were walking down a trail at Inlet Park in Saratoga Springs, Utah on Sunday when they encountered Jerred Martin Loftus and three other men.


Loftus then allegedly picked a fight with the pair.

“During the argument, Jerred accused the two of being illegal aliens and identified himself as a corrections officer,” a probable cause statement noted. “Carlos maintains Jerred stated he was armed with a firearm and threatened to kill Carlos and Daniel.”

Carlos told police that Loftus also threatened to “bury the two of them in the woods.”

Carlos called the police, fearful that Loftus would actually act on his threats. Loftus fled the scene before officers could arrive, but left his truck at the park.


Carlos was able to identify Loftus from a photo lineup and that lead to a search warrant of Loftus’ truck. Inside the truck, police recovered a gun belt, a handgun, and several magazines.

Loftus told police in an interview that he did tell Carlos he “was at one time a correction officer but denied threatening either of the pair with a firearm.


Loftus was booked on charges of impersonating an officer and aggravated assault but was released before 5 p.m. the same Sunday after he posted $5,000 bail.

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