Utah Cheerleaders Caught on Video Chanting Racial Slurs; School District Whitesplains Their Actions

Utah teens chanting the n-word (@WarriorTy7 via Instagram screenshot)
Utah teens chanting the n-word (@WarriorTy7 via Instagram screenshot)

Racism hits the heartland in the form of cheery, blond cheerleaders gleefully chanting the n-word.


Recently, a gaggle of Utah high school teens got caught on video chanting “Fucking niggers” in a widely shared Instagram video.


The Ogden, Utah, school district is investigating the Weber High School juniors and seniors who repeated the racial slur while laughing, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. Three of the girls involved are on the cheerleading team, according to the report.

Weber School District spokesman Lane Findlay seemed to whitesplain the girls’ actions by first noting that the incident didn’t happen on school property and that they were possibly saying, “Serggin cuff,” a phrase posted as the caption, and that they then edited the video to play backward to produce the racial epithet.

(Insert thinking face face-palm emoji here.)

The district also released a statement saying it was “shocked by the conduct of these students.”


“School officials have started an investigation and the matter is being taken very seriously,” the statement continued. “We are trying to determine when the video was made, where it was filmed, why the students would engage in such conduct, and how the clip ended up on social media.”

Findlay said that the girls could face anything from counseling and being kicked off the cheerleading team to expulsion from school.


More whitesplaining in an updated statement:

“We also wish to remind everyone that these are kids, and sometimes kids do really stupid things without thinking,” the district’s statement reads. “Certainly, there are no excuses for this type of behavior, but they are still children in a sense and hopefully this will be a learning experience for them and others.”


What will black students learn from this?

Read more at the Salt Lake Tribune.


HoodooGirl finds White Fragility funny

There is no help - it’s inherent.

Take a white man with Tourette’s syndrome or an elderly white person with Alzheimer’s. Take a white person with a brain injury, maybe even a baby saying their first word - they all say the N word. From birth to the grave they are incapable of saying anything else in their daily dialogues. If you took away a white person’s right to use this word there would be a worldwide insurrection.