USC's leading rusher Stafon Johnson is in critical but stable condition after many hours of throat surgery resulting from a weight room accident Monday. From the LA Times:

Johnson, who starred at Dorsey High, was just starting a set of bench-press lifts near the end of a midmorning workout when he apparently lost control of the bar and it landed on his neck, Coach Pete Carroll said.

Johnson reportedly spit up blood through his mouth and nose.

Reserve quarterback Garrett Green and fullback Stanley Havili did not see the accident, but both said they saw Johnson sitting quietly as he awaited the paramedics.

Carroll said Johnson's neck had been stabilized with a brace before he was transported by gurney to an ambulance.

"This is a guy who's been an integral part of our program for years," Carroll said. "Everybody loves Stafon. . . . When you're as connected as we are, we feel every bit of this. . . . We all feel a bit damaged today and injured. . . . It's a bad deal."


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Wishing Johnson a speedy recovery.


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