Unsatisfied With Being a 1st Round Bust, Cleveland Browns Lineman Greg Robinson Caught With 157 Pounds of Weed

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Things to do with 157 pounds of weed:

  1. Start a dispensary.
  2. Reboot the Cheech & Chong franchise with Method Man and Redman.
  3. Roll the biggest blunt in the history of modern mankind.
  4. Fuck off a lucrative football career that’s netted you almost $30 million so far by getting knocked on possession charges.

Clearly, NFL offensive lineman Greg Robinson had options, yet for some reason or another, he chose the wrong one. Now his ass is going to jail.

From ABC News:

Former Cleveland Browns offensive lineman Greg Robinson was arrested by the Drug Enforcement Administration in El Paso, Texas, after he was found with 157 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle at a checkpoint.

Robinson, according to a federal complaint, was charged by the Department of Justice Wednesday with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute marijuana and possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

Former Indianapolis Colts receiver Quan Bray was also arrested and charged at the scene, with each facing 20 years in prison for being dumb asses if convicted.

Do you know how much damn weed 157 pounds is? That’s like seven Wiz Khalifas.

Prior to getting busted, Robinson allegedly recruited an Uber driver who was tasked with driving the weedmobile from Los Angeles to Louisiana, but because schemes like this almost always end badly for professional athletes, Border Patrol agents intercepted the vehicle at a checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Texas. Inside they found large duffle bags stuffed with marijuana in vacuum-sealed bags, 23 Mason jars, an electronic scale and $3,100 in cash on Bray.

While Robinson and Bray were each detained, the Uber driver wasn’t because apparently he had no idea he was transporting a Chevy Tahoe full of felony charges. In fact, while the vehicle was being inspected, Robinson tried to convince the Uber driver to take the fall, to which he presumably replied, “Aren’t you a first-round bust anyway? The hell you got to live for?”


This all sounds eerily reminiscent of Cowboys legend Nate Newton getting caught up in a pair of similar instances in 2001, when he was busted for trafficking 213 pounds of weed that November, then an additional 175 pounds weeks later while out on bond.

Newton would spend approximately two and a half years in prison before being released in 2004, and I think it’s safe to assume that Bray and Robinson could be looking at similar time.


Good luck with all that.

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Greg Robinson has 2 options and neither of them are good. He could plead guilty and go to prison for at least 2 years or he could plead not guilty and remain a Cleveland Brown. Sucks to be him!