‘Unpopular Black Opinion’ Confessions

Beyoncé; generic images
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images; Thinkstock; Thinkstock
Beyoncé; generic images
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There are unpopular opinions, and then there are unpopular black opinions. Have you ever been talking to your friends and let one slip? Maybe you’ve come out as anti-Scandal or, worse, turned the station when a Beyoncé song came on. The backlash that can come from speaking your truth is enough to make you worry that your proverbial black card will be revoked.

But when we asked our readers to be brave and tell us what, in their experience, #notallblackpeoplelike, they answered. From corn bread to Real Housewives of Atlanta to religion, these preferences pushed back on the stereotypes about African Americans. The lesson learned (again) is that the black community has never been a monolith. If you have an seemingly unpopular black opinion, you might actually be in good company.

1. No Chitlins for Me

Don’t like “soul food”? Don’t worry. You’re not alone if you pass on staple dishes like corn bread, collard greens and fried chicken.



2. Queen B Gone

It may seem as if everyone loves Beyoncé, but from the tweets we received, that assumption is far from the truth. Thankfully, the Beyhive cannot come for all of them.


3. Who’s a Gladiator?

Despite what your Twitter timeline might suggest when certain shows come on, not everyone in black America is watching Scandal, Love and Hip Hop or Real Housewives of Atlanta.



4. Not at the Dinner Table

Unpopular black opinions aren’t limited to the fun stuff. Plenty of people took the topic to a more serious place, expressing criticism of President Barack Obama and the sense of isolation that can come with being black and nonreligious.



What’s your “unpopular black opinion”? Let us know in the comments section.

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