Unnamed NFL Player Sues United Airlines for Sexual Harassment, Assault

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In recent years, United Airlines has been battered by accusations of racial discrimination and failing to prevent mishap after mishap as its reputation has gone from pristine to swirling around the bottom of a toilet bowl. Unfortunately, that notoriety has grown after an unnamed NFL player has decided to sue United for sexual harassment and assault.


From ProFootballTalk:

The player, filing the civil complaint under the “John Doe” pseudonym, claims that he and another man (who also is an unnamed plaintiff) were sexually harassed and assaulted on a February 10 flight from Los Angeles to New Jersey.


The lawsuit was filed after the company reportedly failed to properly respond to the allegations.

Per Master Tesfatsion of Bleacher Report, the victim alleges that a female passenger made “unwanted sexual advances,” ripped away the player’s COVID-19 face mask and “grabbed his penis.” They also claim that the woman in question was intoxicated and consuming prescription pills before she was eventually moved.


“This matter is about accountability; not just from United but from the assailant as well,” attorneys Darren Darwish and Benji Azizian wrote in a statement provided to Bleacher Report.

“Those with a duty to others should be held accountable for their failures to uphold their responsibilities. Those who report assaults should not be ignored, but believed, their claims investigated, and appropriate action taken where warranted.”


United Airlines has yet to comment on the allegations levied against their company.

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Good. Assualt is assualt and men complaining of a female harrasser should be taken seriously. I hope they win and the assailant and United Airlines gets what’s coming to them. #fullsupport