University of Ala. Student Suspended After Racist Threats on Facebook

One of the messages that University of Alabama student Ryan Parish is accused of sending to an unidentified person

Editor’s note: This article contains social media posts that some may find offensive.

The University of Alabama has suspended and removed a student from campus after he allegedly made racist threats on Facebook, reports.


According to the news site, it is not clear what led up to the racially charged threats, but posts of exchange between the student, Ryan Parish, and another individual appear to show Parish saying, "I'll kick your black ass" as well as "I'll kill you [n—ger] don't speak to me wrong."

Screenshots of the posts were shared by Twitter user @JCOM42.

Parish apparently went on his mini-rant in the Alabama Student Ticket Exchange Facebook group. He seems to have since deleted his account. Another screenshot from Facebook appears to show Parish attempting to apologize.


Since the posts went viral, the University of Alabama has made several statements, emphasizing that it did not "condone the use of hostile or racist language, or threats of violence in any situation."

The university also said that it was notifying the proper authorities about the incident.


A few hours later, the university announced that the student had been suspended and removed from the campus.



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