Omar Gooding and Angell Conwell of the Bounce TV series Family Time
Chris McKay/Getty Images for Bounce TV

This is the second time that the pod squad—myself, Ms. Patti LaDanielle, and The Root Senior Editor Stephen A. Crockett Jr.—have had something to do with Bounce TV. So excuse us if we're feeling ourselves a bit. OK, so maybe I am feeling myself, by myself, but that's because Stephen doesn't deserve to feel himself. He's the worst. I tried my best to get our guest stars, Omar Gooding and Angell Conwell, to agree with me, but Stephen immediately asked them to pretend to be his friends for years, and they kindly obliged because they're good people (who were mostly confused by his request).

If you remember Gooding and Conwell, it's because they're celebrities, and that's what we regular folks do—we recognize the highly celebrated. But these two have played a couple many times, most famously in Baby Boy, when a f—kboy named Sweetpea (played by Gooding) lived with Kim (played by Conwell) and her mother and often yelled at them both for being "unstable creatures." Ah, the good old days.


Not only do we reminisce about those days, but we also look ahead to Gooding’s and Conwell's present and future, since they play a married (and hopefully more stable) couple in Bounce TV's Family Time. They star in the show, but they also write and produce, so in the famous words of Quinta B (that I've also taken on as my own), they got moneyyyy!

Check out the latest episode of Unique Views as Stephen and I discuss how to get Bounce TV and the show's Kwanzaa-themed episode, and also wonder what type of holiday traditions President-elect Donald Trump has.

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