Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
Israel Houghton and Adrienne Bailon

And then there were two—and almost one, until Patti LaDanielle, aka Danielle Young, got her act together. That's right; I almost had to Mathew Knowles her from the group after an off-air argument that we hashed out on-air. I won't drag you through the details, but just know that I was right and apologized the way my mom apologizes, which really isn't an apology.

Example: Sorry that your feet were in the street when I ran over them!

Ms. Patti Patti claims that she doesn't know me anymore, or ever. I forget. But I think the distance in our relationship is because I work out of a secret off-campus location that is not known to those who don't have special clearance. (Hint: It rhymes with Bonduras.)


Are Ms. Patti Patti and I an odd couple? Maybe, but you know who else is? Adrienne Bailon and Israel Houghton. He looks like her father, and that's just all kinds of wrong. You know who else is odd? Tweet and the Rev. Jamal Bryant. So we discuss it in-depth.

Danielle hates flashy pastors, and no one does it better than Bishop Eddie Long with his Bentley and his iPad-laced sermons. Recently released photos showed a significantly slimmer Long, so we discussed rumors surrounding the pastor's health.


On episode 10 of The Root’s podcast, Unique Views, I wanted to talk about Shaquille O'Neal being a big ol' "All Lives Matter" ’bama, but Danielle didn't care.

Lastly, but definitely not leastly, we're both convinced that Queen Sugar and Atlanta might be the boost that black television needs.


In summation, we fuss, we fight, we make up and then discuss all the messiness so you don't have to get dirty. We are here for you; use us. Let us be your guide.


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Stephen A. Crockett Jr. is a senior editor at The Root. Follow him on Twitter.

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