Unique Views, Episode 7: White Lies, the Birth of a Scandal and Celebrity Crushes

Ryan Lochte as crying Michael Jordan
Ryan Lochte as crying Michael Jordan

“Hey, y'all; I'm a white Olympic swimmer who dyed his hair gray, and I got robbed by some bro-zillions. Psych. I'm lying. But hey, I'm white and I'm already home, so who cares? Amirite!?" Looks like Ryan is out here Lochte-ing, and on episode 7 of Unique Views, he's just one of several topics we discuss.


Seriously, how are you just going to lie about being robbed while you're out causing mayhem, when your ass should be back at the Olympic Village swiping on Tinder or shining your gold medal? It looks as though Lochte and his teammates had too much white privilege and time on their hands.

Speaking of time …

Sony Pictures may have picked the wrong time to convince Nate Parker to talk about his past rape allegations and court case. Sure, the studio may have tried to get him in front of the scandal, thinking that people would be so forgiving because he is starring in and directing The Birth of a Nation, but that kinda, sorta backfired. People are not that forgiving when it comes to date-rape allegations. And rightly so. We discuss the intricacies surrounding his case, as well as the harsh criticism Parker has received.

And finally, crushes. We've all had them, and when you look back on your earliest crushes, they may not be that crush-worthy nowadays. Senior Editor Stephen A. Crockett Jr. reveals his first crush, and let's just say that time and other things haven't treated her well. Social-Content Producer Danielle Young and I also reveal our crushes, and let's just say they're a little, umm … special … nowadays.

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