Unique Views, Episode 42: When Stuntin’ Goes Wrong

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Adulting is hard. This week I complain to podcast co-host Stephen A. Crockett Jr. the third that I’m having a rough time trying to keep up with all the things life gives adults. He does something that surprises me: He listens and even offers me advice.


Stephen then goes on to let me know that I may be a horrible adult, but I am in no way as bad as Shad Moss, aka Bow Wow. The “rapper” posted a photo of a luxury vehicle and private jet to let people know that he was traveling, only to be exposed by someone who was on his real flight ... in coach. Yes, adulting is hard, but Bow Wow is making it harder.

Guess who else is making growing up seem way too difficult? Steve Harvey. The comedian put out a memo to his staff basically telling them to never look at him or speak to him ever again, unless preapproved. I’m paraphrasing, but either way, the memo screams: “I’ve upped my tax bracket and will now act accordingly!”

Perhaps Harvey should type up more memos so that he can hand some out to White House press secretary Sean Spicer, who thinks hiding “among” the bushes is the best way to avoid pesky questions. If that’s not bad adulting, I don’t know what is!


We all need to grow up, especially Tyrese, aka Baby Boy, our resident punching bag. He recently teased that there’d be a sequel to his hood classic. If you’ve listened to this podcast, you know that Stephen and I hate sequels that don’t matter—almost more than we hate each other.

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poo javelin

Thank you. Now I have to feel bad that Steve’s memo mostly screamed “You know that new intern with the huge rack you were sent to find? Well, she’s not in this dressing room… No, sir… So don’t you even think of opening that door… ” at me!