Unique Views, Episode 37: Can Johnny Gill and His Vocal Talent Win a Grammy Already?!

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The reason I allow my pod mate, Stephen A. Crockett Jr. the third, to write the posts for The Root’s podcast episodes is that I literally do everything else. But, then I got the chance to read said posts. And though I’m not shocked that Crockett has been dragging my beautiful name through the mud, I am exhausted by his expressions of pure disdain and disrespect. So I’m here (for now). Call it tit for tat or call it petty; you’d be right either way.

In this episode, I have to do the intro and chat basically by myself because Stephen decided to do the most on his birthday. And the day after, instead of recording with me like a responsible adult, Crockett Jr. the third decided that he would call in “sick.” Yeah, we know the truth. He’s just too old and can’t handle his liquor.

It’s a good thing we prerecorded our interview this week because, clearly, I can’t count on Crockett. We were lucky enough to land Johnny Gill this week, and he turned out to be one of the most hilarious interviews we’ve ever had on the podcast.


Gill indulged me in all my questions about him having moneyyy and even played along with Crockett asking questions that only men 40 and over living in Washington, D.C., care about. Gill revealed that he replaced Bobby Brown in New Edition but was initially brought in to replace the lead, Ralph Tresvant. He also was super excited to go into the liturgical dance business with me and develop the Holiness Church of Obama in Christ. Oh, and the best part? I tried to out-Michael McDonald Johnny Gill and he sang circles around me. At least I tried.

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