Unarmed 73-Year-Old Calif. Man Was Shot 5 Times, Autopsy Reveals

Francisco Serna
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The unarmed California 73-year-old grandfather who was fatally shot by police earlier this week was struck by five bullets, according to authorities, Time magazine reports.

Francisco Serna was killed early Monday morning by a Bakersfield, Calif., police officer after authorities responded to a call about a man brandishing a handgun in the neighborhood. The officer reportedly believed that the elderly man was armed and opened fire as Serna was standing in a neighbor's driveway.


According to the report, Bakersfield Assistant Police Chief Lyle Martin said Tuesday that Serna had one hand in his jacket pocket and did not listen to commands to stop walking, or to remove his hand from his jacket, before the officer opened fire.

Police who canvassed the area never uncovered a weapon but later revealed that Serna had been holding a wooden crucifix inside his jacket.


The officer involved fired seven rounds at Serna. An autopsy shows that Serna was hit by five of those rounds.

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