One has to wonder how the email got sent in the first place if it didn’t reflect what the university believes.


Papazoni specifically addressed the issue of calling out Nazis and said it was that part that was making people uncomfortable. He never mentioned profanity or the word “fuck” specifically.

So, is it “Oochie Wally,” or is it “One Mic,” UMass?

Also, who complained about the sign? Who said it was making them uncomfortable? Who felt excluded by it?


Make any of this make sense.

In the end, Parsons told BuzzFeed she removed the sign out of respect for her roommate, who was concerned with the attention it was drawing.


Parsons is planning a move off campus—something that was already in the works before this incident happened.

She told BuzzFeed: “This makes me glad [the move is] happening. I’m definitely going to hang it in my bedroom. I’m going to keep the sign forever.”