UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown teamed up with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki to announce the withdrawal of British troops by July 2009. Amidst some criticism from British conservatives, Brown reports that his troops have completed their job. When I saw this on BBC, I wondered: "Where is the 'Mission Accomplished' banner? Why isn't he on an aircraft carrier? And Why isn't Brown dressed like GI Joe?" After some more consideration, I figured, he just didn't want to have shoes thrown at him. Good leadership, decency, and avoiding pomp and circumstance usually do the trick. In the press conference, Brown said that their "mission will end no later than 31 May next year," and the troops will return home in the subsequent months. The defense secretary questioned the timing of Brown's announcement and disagreed with the detail saying, "I don't know why the government would have changed their mind and given such a specific commitment to dates." True, things in government and military do change unexpectedly. But, I think that Brown should be applauded for a responsible exit.