UCONN Football Player Fatally Stabbed

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UCONN cornerback Jasper Howard was stabbed following an incident outside a school-sponsored dance early Sunday morning. A fire alarm in the building where the function was being held was pulled and a fight broke out after the students had emptied. From CNN:

Howard, a 20-year-old cornerback who started in every game for the team last season, was killed following a sponsored student dance on campus, authorities said. The junior from Miami, Florida, was a soon-to-be dad, said UConn football coach Randy Edsall.

During the dance at the university's student center, a fire alarm was pulled at about 12:26 a.m., campus police Maj. Ron Blicher told reporters. More than 300 people who were attending the dance left the building and spilled out into the street. A fight broke out between two groups of people, and Howard and an unidentified person were stabbed, police said.

The incident happened at 12:33 a.m. Howard and the other victim were taken to a local hospital. Howard was then airlifted by helicopter to St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, where he later died from his injuries, police said. The second victim was treated and released.

Howard's family was in Florida, so Edsall was called in to identify Howard's body.

"There's nothing in my job description that says you have to identify bodies and you have to make phone calls to the parents, but that's part of the job," he told reporters Sunday. "I hope I never have to go through what I had to go through today."

University police and the Connecticut State Police are investigating the incident. They don't have a suspect, but they "don't believe it was a random act," Blicher said.

On Saturday, the Huskies beat Louisville 38-25. Howard was awarded the game ball in that game, Edsall said.


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Whatever the cause, The Buzz is fairly confident it wasn't worth stabbing someone to death over. *Sigh*