So let me understand this clearly:  Bill Sparkman, a part-time US Census worker and substitute teacher was found hanging from a tree in Kentucky's Daniel Boone National Forest on September 12?  The word FED carved into his chest?  Wow and WHAT THE… ? It's bad enough the average American can get stoned for giving a thumbs up to a health care program that provides care to the needy.  Now a part-time census worker can't go door-to-door without a fear of being hung and branded.

I may get cyber blacklisted for saying this, but this country is one of the most violent and backwards examples of human life in the history of human life.  I know that's a rather extreme and Shakespearean statement, but random acts of terrorism infuriate me.  Hung and branded?  Come on!  It's certainly possible that the census worker was killed for a reason other than representing our country's government.  Some already believe Sparkman stumbled upon a Meth ring back in those woods and was killed because it was believed he would expose the ring.  [Allegedly that region of southeast Kentucky is known for its Meth use].  Whatever the reason, it's frightening to know if you flip open your wallet and show your "government" credentials you could get killed.

Keith Josef Adkins is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and social commentator.