Tyra Banks (Jason LaVeris/Getty Images)
Tyra Banks (Jason LaVeris/Getty Images)

In a piece at Clutch magazine, Yesha Callahan cautions against claiming reverse racism about Tyra Banks' participation in a photoshoot emulating white supermodels in which she appears lighter. Although Callahan doesn't particularly like the photos, she has a hunch that much of the outcry stems from the backlash white people receive when they appear in blackface.

I wonder if a white model did a "tribute" to her fellow black models if she would get shunned for using "blackface."

It's amazing how some white people are always trying to scream "That's Reverse Racism". The true atrocity with these photos is not the fact that Tyra is wearing whiteface, but the fact that the photos are horrible. I mean, the Kate Moss photo looks like "The Grudge".  And who's to even say Tyra was painted in white. With the magic of photography software, and the removal of filters, it's quite possible no extra make-up was used.


Read Yesha Callahan's entire piece at Clutch magazine

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