Tyler Perry highest-paid man in Hollywood: According to a new Forbes.com rank, Perry is on top as the highest-paid man in Hollywood, bringing in $130 million in the last year alone. Love his work or hate it, this certainly says something about the power of the black dollar. 

Michael Jordan fined $100,000 for discussing lockout: He was assessed the penalty for discussing NBA business with an Australian newspaper last month, according to an ESPN report.

Film: how NFL dreams turn to nightmares: The Last Fall follows a former NFL player through an unexpected early retirement. Watch the trailer at ColorLines.

Iran official says hikers won't be freed: Just a day after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced that two U.S. hikers being held in his country would be released within days, an Iranian judiciary official on Wednesday denied the reports of their imminent release as "wrong," Politico reports.

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