Tyler Perry Cast in 'Gone Girl' With Ben Affleck


It looks as if Tyler Perry is going to get another opportunity to show his range as an actor. Director David Fincher has cast Perry in his next film, Gone Girl, which, according to Deadline, starts filming this fall. Perry will star opposite Ben Affleck and Neil Patrick Harris.

Fincher has set Tyler Perry to play Tanner Bolt, the attorney who reps Affleck's character after his wife disappears, and Neil Patrick Harris is near a deal to play Desi Collings, the wife's former boyfriend. 

Fincher, whose work as a director includes The Social Network, Fight Club and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, reportedly had Perry in mind for the role of Tanner Bolt — but not for anything Perry's done in his Madea character. Rather, it was his role as the title character in the film Alex Cross. Perry will be seen next in his own film, A Madea Christmas.


Read more at Deadline.

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