Tyler Perry buys Bentleys for Oprah and Gail: The filmmaker reportedly gave one of the cars to Winfrey last summer. Then, when her best friend remarked about what a nice gift it was, she got one, too.

Herman Cain wants Allen West to be VP: Cain also thought he should be President (and we saw how that turned out) so we're not sure how much weight this has, but during an appearance on conservative radio host Steve Gill's show, the one-time GOP front-runner said that despite West's relative inexperience in Washington, he would be an "excellent choice" for the job.

Was Jesus homophobic? For those who are curious, Slate looked into the issue and found that while it’s reasonable to assume that Jesus and his fellow Jews in first-century Palestine would have disapproved of gay sex, there is no record of his ever having mentioned homosexuality, let alone expressed particular revulsion about it.

Hospital refuses to hire obese employees: Citizens Medical Center in Texas is coming under fire for its new policy that states that it will no longer hire people with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 35 of higher. The hospital, who is also currently being sued by Indian doctors for alleged racial discrimination, says that it will no longer consider obese applicants because they are a “distraction” to patients.