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Urine big trouble.

Police in Lawrence Township, N.J., near Trenton, have arrested two teenagers following an alleged bias incident at a football game on Friday.


The unidentified 17-year-olds — who police say are of “Indian descent” — face charges of harassment, bias intimidation and lewdness reports.

The incident first came to light on social media with a parent reporting that someone urinated on her daughter and used the n-word during the football game.


Krystal Knapp of Planet Princeton reported: “One student allegedly pulled his penis out and urinated on an eighth-grade girl who is black, according to a parent and statements made to the police.”

“Some students allegedly targeted younger black students ...calling [them] the n-word, taunting them, and screaming that they hate black people,” she wrote.

Oh my.

The racist incident was legitimized when Lawrence Township Mayor Christopher Bobbitt, who has a black wife and children, took to social media on Saturday morning denouncing bigotry.


“As I have said publicly before, hate has no home in Lawrence Township,” he wrote. “As someone that has felt its sting, I know that bigotry exists and sadly will continue to exist but that doesn’t mean that I give up. Instead I look to find allies that will help me fight the cancer of bigotry.”


Later that day, police opened an investigation.

“As a police department, we take these incidents very seriously and we will continue to investigate until all of the facts are uncovered,” the Lawrence Township Police Department said in a statement. “This type of behavior will not be condoned in our community.”


Trenton city councilman and Rutgers University professor Jerell Blakeley, an outspoken advocate against bigotry, said he was “extremely disturbed” by the parent’s account on social media.


“My brother and sister graduated from Lawrence High and I can remember the racial incidents that they had to endure while students there,” Blakeley wrote on Facebook.

Last night, the councilman shared Lawrence Township Police’s arrest notice on Instagram.


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