Twizzlers vs. Red Vines: Civil War Erupts on Twitter After LeBron Celebrates Lakers Win With a Snack

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Between thumping their chest, high-fiving their teammates or screaming into the heavens, there’s no shortage of ways for NBA players to celebrate a much-deserved win.

But after busting the Pelicans’ ass with a 40-point assault in the Lakers 118-109 victory, LeBron James opted for something a bit more subdued: He tore up a pack of Red Vines.


And with the internet being the internet, this then sparked a heated debate between man, woman, and celebrity over which licorice is superior: Red Vines—the obvious choice—or Twizzlers—the Flo Rida of candy. (Editor’s note: Wrong.)


NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal added his two cents on Tuesday night’s Inside the NBA, confusing the two for the same brand by declaring, “White guys call it Red Vines, black people call it Twizzlers.”


Believe it or not, he wasn’t alone in that painfully wrong line of thinking either.


And of course, Black Twitter offered its always entertaining opinion as well.


As the war rages on, it’s looking like Twizzlers is getting left in its own hollow, tasteless dust. We already know where LeBron stands, but what set do you rep?

Are you Team Twizzlers or Team Red Vines?

Editor’s Note from News Editor Monique Judge: As a media organization, The Root stans for Red Vines, and we disavow anyone who claims Twizzlers is the superior licorice candy. OK, maybe not everyone at The Root feels this way, but I do, and that’s what counts.


Editor’s Note from Managing Editor of The Glow Up, Maiysha Kai: Wrong.

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When I moved to the West Coast from NYC, someone gave me a Red Vine.

We don’t talk anymore.