Twitter Declares J.R. Smith Appreciation Day After NBA Announces It Won't Test for Marijuana This Season

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While marijuana isn’t my ministry, there are plenty of folks who’ve been singing its praises since the dawn of time. From recording artists to politicians, from Snoop Dogg to Bernie Sanders, spreading the gospel of that good green has become one of America’s favorite pastimes.


That sticky icky also has quite the fan base among professional athletes, who’ve long championed its uncanny ability to alleviate aches and pains, improve airflow, and aid muscle recovery. As such, the NFL got tired of Josh Gordon and pulled the plug on suspending players for positive marijuana tests earlier this year, and now it appears that the NBA will be following suit.

Per NBA reporter Ben Dowsett, the decision was made in part due to precautions involving COVID-19 protocols, but NBA players are probably too busy spending their evenings getting high as shit to worry about the details.

Let freedom ring, dammit.

In response to this glorious news, Twitter did what Twitter does and celebrated this momentous occasion by crowning NBA journeyman J.R. Smith the true winner of the league’s newly revised marijuana policy for...unspecified reasons.


Former NBA player and renowned weed connoisseur Matt Barnes was so excited by the news that he took to Instagram to jokingly toy with the idea of returning to the court. He retired in 2017.

“It’s official... IM COMING BACK!! Lol jk,” he wrote. “Hats off to @adamsilvernba for listening to his players & the research. @adamsilvernba I lost a couple 100k while I was playing cause of cannabis, can I get it back or nah..? 🤔”


For his part, Smith has kept a low profile on social media and remained mum on the subject, but trust and believe his weed man just earned a lucrative Christmas bonus.


Congratulations, J.R.

And in the immortal words of Nate Dogg: “Smoke weed every day!”



I thought I had perfected everything. I thought my plan was foolproof. I thought...I would never have regrets.

But now I really don’t think I did all that much “outsmarting” of the NBA by deciding to get around their weed rules by just...never trying to be an NBA baller! Damn!!! I really didn’t do much practicing for like MOST of my life, and I didn’t even mess with weed until I was 31!

I threw it all away foolishly. And to think, I could’ve been an NBA