Kola Boof slams rapper Wale for music video. (Google)

Fresh from our "You've gotta whole lotta nerve" file, Osama bin Laden's former mistress Kola Boof has taken to Twitter to attack rapper Wale for perpetuating dominant standards of beauty in his music video for "Pretty Girls," calling him self-loathing. John Hudson reports that Boof went slap-off on Wale, who is Nigerian and from Washington, D.C., tweeting:

"I don't like @wale because he’s another Colorstruck Black Man who's videos are pretty much White Supremacist images," she tweeted. "The fact that @wale is Nigerian makes it all the worse, because he's setting the wrong example globally for our race. A loser. There wasn’t a single Black woman in 'Pretty Girls' … so what in the f-ck was he saying about African women?? His own race? @wale and all the rest of these Self-hating N*ggerstock Bastards don't celebrate Black Beauty bec. they can't C it."


N*ggerstock Bastards? Wow, in our best Mos Def voice, particularly because the video shows a range of representations of women in terms of race, skin color, hair type, body shape and size. Perhaps they're not "African" looking enough for her, but black women are in the mix. Besides, using words like "N*ggerstock" shows her self-loathing, by putting Wale down based on his racial and national identity. Racial superiority complex, perhaps?

Maybe this Egyptian/Sudanese-American woman, who famously wrote about her dalliances and abusive relationship with Osama bin Laden in her 2006 autobiography, Diary of a Lost Girl, should familiarize herself with the phrase, "The pot calling the kettle black." In her book, she discloses vivid accounts of her sexual encounters with bin Laden ("He had the most beautiful lips" or "We would be lying there in bed") and her admission that he would say, "African women are only good for a man's lower pleasures" — and she's calling Wale self-loathing? We won't even mention that Boof wrote, "I can't deny what a good-looking man he was," she wrote of bin Laden in Harper's: "Over six feet with a zesty salmon-orange complexion and very sexy Negro-like facial features, forged by generations of desert sun. I remember thinking he had the most beautiful lips and being overwhelmed by the largeness of his hand when he took mine (to kiss it)."


Yeah, say what you will about rappers and their portrayal of women in music videos, which is fiction, but her roll with bin Laden actually happened in Boof's "real-life." We get it; rappers do tend to promote the same sexualized, multiracial (read: exotic), eroticized images of women in their music videos (read: boring), but in "Pretty Girls," not so much.

In response to Boof's attack, there's this: "With all due respect," Wale tweeted,  "I can sit up here and say you were porking terrorist like a lot of your peers say. But I’d rather not, because I’m ignorant to whatever relationship you had with Ol' Boy [Osama bin Laden] and my ignorance to THAT particular subject will keep me quiet."


Wale doesn't need Twitter, only her words to demonstrate that she might be projecting based on her own struggle with racial identity, including the color complex. If you're wondering what she's doing now, Boof writes about issues of racial identity — and no, we're not making that up.

Read more at Yahoo News. Watch the video "Pretty Girls" below and judge for yourself.


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