TWIB Radio: Feminism Checking and Lady Parts Justice


( The Root) — Have you ever been "black-checked"?

In case you haven't heard: Black checking is when someone questions your blackness because he or she feels you aren't being black enough. Perhaps you don't like collard greens or you're considering voting for a Republican. Someone who finds this to be insufficiently black will question you and possibly hurl insults in your direction for your failure to live up to his or her definition of black. Other groups deal with this as well, but I was slightly surprised to find out that women also get feminist-checked regularly. 

Recently on TWIB Radio, we sat down with Lizz Winstead, co-creator of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and one of the founders of the former liberal bastion Air America. She explained her response to people who question her feminism and talked about her brand-new project that's highlighting issues around women. Check it out.

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