Courtesy of Bassey Ikpi

We're tuning in tonight for the season finale of ABC's Scandal, starring Kerry Washington, and we want to watch it with you!

For this week's guest-tweeting session, The Root contributor, mental-health advocate and self-proclaimed Scandal obsessee Bassey Ikpi will tweet on our behalf. Join us for lively, hilarious and witty commentary. She promises to keep you entertained.

Follow us @TheRoot247 and Ikpi @basseyworldlive and keep it locked on our Twitter feed tonight.

Also, Ikpi's nonprofit organization, the Siwe Project, is launching an event called International No Shame Day on July 2. It's a day to help reduce stigma surrounding mental health and illness in the global black community. She'll also host a panel on black mental health at Art Sanctuary's Celebration of Black Writing event. Register for the events here.