TV One President Says Farewell, New Willow Smith Song Released, Companies Blacks Should Support (and Boycott) and More

Johnathan Rodgers (News One)
Johnathan Rodgers (News One)

TV One president retiring: After nearly 50 years of service in the media business, TV One President and CEO Johnathan Rodgers is retiring in June. Under his leadership, the network provides African-American-focused programming to nearly 53 million viewers. "There could have been no better way to cap off a long and satisfying career in the television business for me than to help build a sustainable channel that African-American adults — indeed, all Americans can be very proud of," Rodgers said. 


Nine companies blacks should support (or boycott): The Atlanta Post's Christina Burton has pulled together a list of companies that deserve your money (some, like McDonald's, might surprise you; others, like an importer of wines from black-owned wineries, you might never have heard of), and a few that should be boycotted (who knew that Koch Industries was such a huge supporter of the Tea Party?). Check it out before you pull out your wallet.

Video: Lauryn Hill sings Bob Marley covers on Fallon: In honor of the late Bob Marley, Lauryn Hill performed two of the reggae legend's songs on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. And unlike previous shows where critics and fans reamed her for being hours late and bludgeoning ears, the BVX says that this time, she was actually good.

Willow Smith releases preview of third single: Check out a teaser clip of Willow Smith's next single, "Rock Star," from Pop Eater. It plays in the background of a video of the young singer behind the scenes at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. Lyrical highlight: "When I take off my shades, please don't be shocked by my age; I'm taking over the game."

In other news: Former Villanova Player Comes Out.

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