Actress Taraji P. Henson gets cut. (Getty)

Oscar- and Emmy-nominated actress Taraji P. Henson is steaming over being edited out of the TV Guide cover for her new CBS show, Person of Interest. Henson stars as Detective Carter alongside castmates Michael Emerson and James Caviezel. She is the only female lead on the show.

Henson blasted TV Guide on her Facebook and Twitter accounts:

On FaceBook she posted: “WOW!!!! TV Guide is NOT including me on the cover with my cast memebers [sic]……..I am the female lead of a 3 member cast and I'm not included on the cover!!!!!! Do you see the [sh—] I have to deal with in this business…..I cram to understand!!!!”

On Twitter, she tweeted: "WOW @ TVGuide!!!!! Being a member of 2 academys I honestly have no words!!!!!"


We're filing this under sheer and utter foolishness. Kudos to Henson for standing up for herself. Speaking of which, who is her publicist? Leaving her off the cover is just plain foul — i.e., racist and sexist.

Luckily we don't expect people of color to be heavily represented on TV Guide covers, because quite frankly, there aren't that many in lead roles on major television shows. However, when someone like Henson, who has received an Academy Award and Emmy Award nomination and is one of three leads on Person of Interest, we expect that she would make the cover. She is, in fact, a person of interest in Hollywood.

Shame on TV Guide for behaving like it's 1911 instead of 2011. Taraji P. Henson and Jim Caviezel on a cover sounds good to us.

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