WP: 100 Days Allows Media to Talk About Something Other Than Recession, Their Decline in Paper Form

TIME: Can Alabama Spark Democratic Revival in South? Eh…Sure Why Not?

Reuters: Obama's Many Challenges May Overshadow Africa; Besides, It's Africa So…

GC: Why Africa's Moment is Now

HP: Toward Real Criminal Justice Reform

NYT: Test Results: Persistent Gap in Achievement; Article Results: Persistent Gap in Problem-Solving


JW: Jews and Blacks Get Together to Sing, Act Friendly Like the Old Days

FO: Disney Introduces First Black Princess; Trails Obama, Oprah in Polls

MA: Ye Whole Doggone Crowd! 'Bama Shakespeare Fest Explores Black Debutante Society

EA: Ain't No Love Handles: Depression Linked to Accumulation of Visceral Fat

SLA: Top Black Doctors Tell How to Avoid Swine Flu: Start with Chittlins and Work Your Way Up


CNN: Fox Won't Air Obama's Presser, Say " It's Nothing Personal; We Just Don't Like You"

WJ: Key Civil Rights Leaders Give Obama's First 100 an 'A'; CBC Gives Him F+

WP: According to the Secretary of State's Hubby, Terry McAuliffe Should Be Next Va. Gov.


AJE: When It Don't Rain, It Pours: Mega-Droughts Forecast for Africa

CT: Illinois Must Get Its Joe Clark On, Force Schools to Measure Up

TS: Poll: Blacks Feel Good about Race Relations (Until the Cops Show Up)

LAT: Bust It Baby: LA Artist Set to Unveil Sojourner Truth Sculpture in Capitol

BET: Being Black Not Tricky Enough, Questions Raised Regarding HBCUs Being Terror Hotbeds


NYT: Memphis Mural Offensive Until Offended Found Out It Was an Actual Black Person

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