FOX: Boston Med Student Arrested in 'Craigslist Killer' Case

AJE: Tamil Tigers Have 24 Hours to Live; May Eat Fried Chicken, Drink a Nantucket


Reuters: Obama Shakes Hands with Chavez; America Finds Strength to Carry On

LAT: Obama Asks CIA to Chart New Course, Maybe Relax with the Water

WP: Race Books Lead Arts Pulitzers; Being Black Totally Awesome (for the Most Part)!

ABP: Historic Baptist Church the Focus of Sex Abuse Scandal

UPI: Insurance Can Reduce Health Disparities. Yes; Someone Was Paid to Tell You That


DB: Never Take Sides Against the Family: Inside the Obamas PR Machine

Next: Is Black Still Beautiful? Buzz Consults Mirror, Answers in Affirmative

BET: Well-Known Reparations Activist Dies

NYDN: 'Craigslist Killer' Suspect Has Living Fiancee Who Defends Him*

NYT: Pirate Arrives in NY All Smiles; Says, "Hey, Anything's an Upgrade"

Reuters: Tim-Tim: Hard to Set Toxic Asset Prices; Wonders if 'Toxic' Isn't Great Selling Point


BBC: 'We Just Didn't See That Coming': UN 'Regrets' Ahmadinejad's Speech

The Job: Everyone's Leaving NYC, Jana Sikdar Not Invited

VOA: Cheney Wants More CIA Memos Released, Would Enjoy a Bit of Light Reading

BG: Obama Stresses Service for Good of Nation; Taxpayers: "We Just Did."

LAT: 1st Black Presidents Meet i.e. 44 and the Fake One Who Put Lots of Us in Jail


AP: Black Farmers Trying to Get a Nut; Obama Acting Stingy, Brand New

*She's committed. Besides, those engraved invitations already went out so…

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