Tuesday's Headlines

BBC: Iran, US Have 'Cordial' Chit-Chat; Exchange Baby Pics, Nuclear Schematics

UPI: British Hand Over Basra Command to US, Don't Let Door Hit Behind on Way Out

AP: Netanyahu Wants 'Full Peace'; Says 'We Can Do This the Easy Way or the Easier Way'


LAT: 200 Migrants Feared Drowned in Mediterranean

Reuters: Record Drop in Home Prices Continue; Market Looking for a Tip Drill

CNN: Ford, GM Get Their Keith Sweat On, Offer Incentives to Boost Sales

ABC: US Struggling Economically and People Like Us More (Hmmm…)

BET: Oprah's School Faces New Sex Scandal, Whether She'll Interview Herself Unknown


ESPN: Plaxico Gun Case in June; With Dead Horse Beaten Sufficiently, Buzz Remains Silent

Bossip: Ever the Gentleman, Diddy Will Be Cassie's Prom Date, Let Her Wear Varsity Jacket*

*If you find out The Buzz got beaten with champagne bottles, see Sean Combs first.

BET: Man Fatally Stabs Sister, Then Beheads 5-Year-Old Sister

Reuters: Lonely at the Bottom, Americans Applaud Obama Chin-Checking Auto Industry


USAT: Under a Third of Men at Black Colleges Earn Degree in Six Years; Really Not Funny In Any Way

AP: Congressional Black Caucus Rails for Diversity in Bailouts; Politicians Say 'Hey, You Got Your One!'


WebMD: 5-in-1 Pill May Prevent Heart Disease, Open Canned Goods

WP: Nut Community Hit Hard Again As Pistachio Falls to Salmonella Fever*

AFP: Netanyahu to Be Sworn In As Israeli PM; Palestine, for One, Is Thrilled

AJE: Arabs Leaders Opt Not to Arrest Bashir; Ask 'Why Ruin the Doha Vibe, Ya Know?'


AP: White Pro-Civil Rights Journalist Honored (The Buzz Smells An Oscars…)

ESPN: Louisville Women Reach Their First Final Four, In Running to Lose to UCONN

*We realize a peanut technically isn't a nut, but it was too choice to throw away.


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