WP: Geithner Asks Congress for More Power to Seize Firms, They Say "When Your Jacket Fits"

WSJ: Obama Dials Down Wall St. Criticism, Leaves It to the 'Internet Stans'

NYT: With No Foreign Aid Workers Left, Sudanese Take to Shooting Domestic Aid Workers


USNWR: Study IDs Variation in Black, White Genomes; Maybe Race Isn't a "Social Construction"

AP: Unemployment Hits Black, Latinos Harder; Good to See Not Everything Has Changed


AP: CT Lawmakers Consider Apologizing for Slavery and Giving…Well Just an Apology Mainly

CNN: Prez to Beef Up Mexican Border Patrol, Some Fear Beef Will Lead to Health Concerns

TH: GOP Begs Cheney to Go Back to Sarcophagus and Await 10 Plagues Quietly

J&J: Hey, Where's Our Bonus Check? Buzz Deems Piggybacking This Question Appropriate


APS: Conservatives Jump Shark on Obama, Iran; Not Nearly As Entertaining As When Fonzi Did It

SFC: Woman Snitched on Oakland Cop Killer; Cam'Ron Prepares Diss Track

USAT: Judge Lowers Age for Plan B Pill; Says, "If You Don't Still Blow Bubbles in Milk, You're Old Enough"


NYT: Have A Signature Cocktail? In this Economy, You Probably Should

BET: Michigan Cops Taser 15-Year Old Boy to Death

AJE: Israel Accused of 'New Gaza Crime;' Figure Letting People Flee Defeats Purpose


CNN: Little-Known Company By Name of AIG to Return $50M in Obscure Exec Bonuses

BBC: Death Penalty 'Closer to Demise;' Texas Queries "According to Who?"

FOX: China Urges for New Global Currency, Says Making It Rain with Dollars Has Lost Appeal


ABC: Plan on Shopping a Bit? Try to Refrain from Being Black If Possible

Yahoo: Team Assessed Technical Foul for Uniform Violation, Loses Championship By Point

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